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Rare Vintage Lunch Boxes for Sale from Private Collectors

We have put together a comprehensive online catalogue of antique lunch boxes that are available to buy for enthusiast hobbyists.

Many of these old lunch boxes include the matching thermos to make it a complete set. Even though the vast majority come from individual collectors you will find that many professional sellers are offering their collectible items as well. This means that your choices and options are vastly increased and your chances of finding the perfect one to add to your own personal vintage lunchbox collection is much higher.

It is really too bad that these old retro lunch boxes are not made any more as they are not only beautifully designed art pieces but also excellent reminders of an era where popular culture permeated the general conscience. Owning one of these can bring back feelings of nostalgia and collecting them as a hobby can be a very rewarding experience.

Movies, TV shows and pop culture brand names are a huge part of these classic lunch box designs. Some of the more popular, and rare, lunchboxes include Disney, Batman, Star Trek, Barbie, Volkswagen, Aladdin, McDonalds, Superman, Star Wars, The Dukes of Hazzard and even Hello Kitty. The variety of shapes and colors are endless. Even though the majority take on the traditional dome top or rectangular shape there are many others that are more unique and can be found in the shape of a car or bus.

Most of these vintage lunch boxes are made of durable metal or tin instead of the cheap plastic ones that you find nowadays. The graphics on them are even more vibrant since they are actually painted or lithographed on. Some of the latter designs even included 3D embossed or stamped impressions to give the feeling of depth to the pictures and scenery on them. This is a far cry from the lesser quality stickers and decals that are used on the current plastic versions.

Old vintage lunch boxes make great displays when placed in a group together and are great conversation pieces as well. By searching through our vast directory you may stumble across ones that you didn’t even know existed. Sometimes the search for rare treasure is only exceeded by the unintentional discovery of an actual hidden one. Browse all the listings in our catalog right now to find out for yourself.

Vintage Lunch Boxes for Sale